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No need to search for an efficient driving school in St Leonards when L Driving is here to serve you with utmost devotion and dedication. We take care while offering driving lessons to the new learners so that you get the most out of the classes. The driving instructors of L Driving in St Leonards are skilled and expert in imparting driving exercises in automatic, dual control. You can bring along your car or we have a range of cars to select from for the lessons.

 When high quality learning is your ultimate motto, don’t search any further than L Driving. We vouch to provide quality driving lessons in the St Leonards area. All of our instructors bags RTA accreditation which is one of the basic yet mandatory certifications in Australia. You can book the very first introductory lesson for just $59 and only on satisfaction, select from the other driving lesson packages available to know the various rules and regulations laid down by the Department of Transport. We are open throughout the week so that you can attend to driving lessons at your sweet will.

 With the techniques taught by the driving instructors in St Leonards, you will definitely obtain the required confidence to drive a car on the road and be a responsible citizen abiding the rules and guidelines for safe driving. The instructors will make sure that you are well aware of the list of different situations which may arise during driving and teach you how to overcome each one of them without any hassle. The lessons will also include handling the vehicle in different climates like snow and rain.

 The driving instructors make sure that before you obtain your licence and head towards independent driving, you are ready for it. They take a close observation of the driving skills and accordingly makes adjustments to overcome the weaknesses. You will surely end up being a confident driver.

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