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 With our Digital Gift Card option you can easily and securely pay for a gift card of any value, add your own personalised message and have it delivered via email any time!

Our trainers will pick you up from anywhere around town for your lesson and will drop you off at the completion. 

Remember, each hour with our instructors counts as 3 hours in your log book (up to 10 hours). 

Lessons Auto Own Car Manual
1 x Introductory Lesson Get 1st Lesson Discount Get 1st Lesson Discount
1 x Lesson $69 $69
1 x Defensive Driver Training  $261 $261
5 x Lessons $330 $330
10 x Lessons $640 $640
20  x Lessons $1220 $1220
Test Car Package  $195 $195
6 x 1 Hour Lessons   $360 ($60 / hour)
10 x 1 Hour Lessons   $600 ($60 / hour)

 * Note: If you pass your automatic licence, you may only operate an automatic vehicle.  Passing a manual licence enables you to drive both manual and automatic vehicles.  We're more than happy to help you feel at home with either transmission.

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