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5 Stars

Jonathon Lillia

Sam a very gifted instructor, his ability to communicate effectively is incredible and so helpful when learning to execute those manoeuvres and tricks necessary for progressing to different license levels. He has a great depth of knowledge about the NSW Driving Test and will help you pick up on things that might hold you back on your test date. I had two lessons with him and passed my test during the third lesson. High, high praise for a very deserving instructor who gets results!

5 Stars

Matthew Dr Angelis

I had an helpful experience with Sam that allowed me to improve my driving and boost my confidence. and i got my driving licence today at Ryde Service NSW with 100% score.
Thank you

5 Stars

Mutya Aller

I've been driving for more than 10 years overseas and using the other side of the road. Sam is a great teacher and very detail-oriented. He's highly observant and persistent on helping you be more accustomed to the Australian road rules, and also become more aware of your bad habits (as all experienced driver have these) that you need to overcome. I took about 6 hours of lessons before the driving exam. During those lessons, it was easy for me to do an instant fail. He'd always call out demerits and instant fails on each scenario so I'll learn how to avoid these. He'd also let you know what you are doing right which always helps boost your confidence in driving.

He's always open for questions and feedback, and I do ask a lot of those so I'll understand.
He knows when you are nervous and he will help you feel more at ease.
I really like his tip on how to do parallel parking, and it's something that I'll always take away when I drive from now on :)

From my driving exam, the suburb I chose had lots of tricky places and found out that the evaluator was a strict one, but I managed to pass on the first try!

I highly recommend him, as an effective teacher with such professionalism and also the kindness AND patience that a lot of us students need.

5 Stars

Tahira Donohoe-Bales

Sam has taken me through 10 hours of lessons, with very specific feedback related to low risk driving and to the Learner's driving test itself. Each lesson had a different route in different areas of Sydney requiring specific kinds of safe driving focus. He also outlines clearly the different test routes in each location to get a solid understanding of where to focus and respond on each test route. Very exceptional driving instructor - I am going back for two more lessons before going for my drivers test.

5 Stars


Sam is AMAZING, he won’t disappoint. I will refer L Driver Training to all my friends that are in need of a driving instructor. He will assist with everything till the day of your test. I PASSED FIRST GO ! :D

5 Stars

Miguel Rodríguez

I recently moved from overseas and needed help to get my NSW driving license as I didn't have any yet. I'm an old learner and my experience with Sam has been fantastic.

He's an amazing talented instructor with really lots of patience and a very calm mood. He really is passionate about what he does and it shows. Teaching you in a good way to convey your mistakes so that you can learn instead of feeling bad about them.

It was very fun and engaging also and got my Ps on first go but what's most important is that Sam helped me to become a more confident, better driver.


Si lees esto y eres hispano no pienses dos veces. Sam es el mejor instructor y en pocas lecciones conducirás de forma segura y con confianza

5 Stars

Ali Karimpour

I had 2 hours lessons with Sam and have recently passed my driving test.He was so kind, patient and really understands how to teach safe driving, Thanks so much Sam!

5 Stars


Sam was absolutely amazing I had been on my L’s for 9 years always to scared to drive. He gave me the confidence and skills I needed to get over my fears and become a confident driver. He is extremely professional patient and knowledgeable thanks to Sam I have my P’s and am enjoying the freedom of driving around.
Thank you Sam!!

5 Stars

Sobhna Devi

I was so scared and nervous to drive a car. But surprisingly with Ibrar, he made it all possible!! He is an amazing instructor!! So calm and friendly. I recommend to anyone who wishes to learn to drive a car should contact Ibrar and will never regret. Thank you Ibrar!!

5 Stars

Isabela Deveza

Can’t recommend Sam enough! I have a Brazilian license and had to get the Australian for residency purposes. Many of my close friends had failed first time around and advised me to look for an experienced instructor. Boy, am I happy I followed their advice! Sam was available, flexible, on time for our lesson prior to the test, and made me feel absolutely at ease before the test. If you need a combo of competence, friendly smile, and perfect tips, look no further! Sam is definitely your guy. Thank you, Sam! :)

5 Stars

Kanika Jain

Sam guided me very well with my driving. I was very well prepared for the test. He has a very good knowledge of driving routes. He was able to help me with my deficiencies and now I am able to do these manoeuvres very well. I felt really confident after my lessons and I was able to clear my test in first go with a very good score.
Thank you Sam Neda.

5 Stars


Sam Ned is a legend. Firstly, he fit me in his busy schedule on 1 hour notice, 1 session is all it took him to figure where I need to improve and be cautious. I gave my test and Passed at first go!! Couldn’t have done it without an amazing instructor. I’m so grateful to meet my instructor Sam Ned. He’s unlike other instructors I’ve had before. He is patient, attentive and provides feedback during and after the session.
His techniques are also precise, clear and simple to understand. I didn’t enjoy driving before meeting Sam, he positively encourages his students and always willing answer any question thoroughly. I would 1000% recommend Sam to anyone :)

5 Stars


Sam was an excellent driving instructor. Both extremely knowledgeable and friendly, he made every lesson enjoyable and instructive. With his help I was able to pass the driving test on my first attempt at Marrickvile Service NSW with 100% Score and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking at improving their driving skills or undertaking a driving test.

5 Stars

Nuzhat A

I passed my driver's test today on my first attempt in NSW and it's all thanks to Sam. Before I started driving with him I was so nervous every time I took the wheel. Sam is an excellent teacher and thanks to his gentle and calm demeanour, I managed to overcome my fear within a short period of time and work towards being a safe driver. Sam is also extremely professional and is always punctual and really knowledgeable about road safety. If you are nervous and fearful about driving (like I used to be) and need a calm and gentle voice to guide you, Sam is the person to call - he is literally the best!
Sam, I hope you continue to guide more students like me to be better drivers - Thank you so much :)

5 Stars

Marc L

5 stars for a driving instructor who deserves 5 stars! Pass 1st go! Booked a few lessons with different instructors but picked Sam because he's:
a. Always punctual!
b. Friendly and easy going;
c. Patient and knowledgeable;
d. Motivating and trustworthy.
It's very easy to book a lesson with him - either hop onto his user friendly website or just text him.
Highly recommended!

5 Stars

Wermen Huang

Despite being nervous and insecure about my driving, Sam has helped me to be more confident in driving by having an open mind to my mistakes and giving advice on how to improve that mistake. If you need a driving instructor that is co-operative and approachable, he's the one!

5 Stars

Lucinda Guarreta

I past my drivers test first go today! He is amazing I suffered really bad anxiety and he helped me through all that too!! Anyone who is afraid to take that step encourage you to learn off Sam he won’t let you down!

5 Stars

Nadia GM

My daughter booked in with Sam after unsuccessful attempts at gaining her driver’s licence with a different driving school. My daughter was successful in obtaining her driver’s licence after a couple of lessons with Sam. Sam was at all times a professional, competent, determined and patient driving instructor. I am hugely grateful & appreciative to Sam for helping my daughter re-gain her confidence and skills as a young & novice driver. Do not make a mistake by not choosing Sam as your driving instructor! (Nadia GM Strathfield)

5 Stars

Zoe D

SAM is fantastic! and helpful he's a highly professional instructor who clearly knows his stuff. He's very friendly, encouraging and has been incredibly supportive. Driving with Sam has helped boost my confidence on the road. Highly recommended Ldriving Specially Sam. Thank you

5 Stars

Ritika Sharma

I passed my drivers test today . Sam is the best instructor i know . I started off not being able to drive but because of my instructor Sam i gained the confidence to pass my practical driving test. Sam helped me alot by constantly reminding about safety rules. Thank you so much Sam for staying so calm and patient with me . If it wouldn’t be you giving me driving lessons I don’t think i would have ever pass my test . Highly recommend L learning for anyone who wants to learn driving the right way according to rules. Thanks again ??????????Some extra stars

5 Stars

Jasmina Romano

Just passed my test today!! Ibrar is a wonderful instructor and incredibly helpful, couldn’t have done it without him!! I highly recommend you give him a go, he won’t let you down!

5 Stars

Melissa Verdino

Sam is a fantastic driving instructor! I was very nervous prior to sitting my driving test, but his guidance helped keep me focussed and calm. I learned a lot in a very short space of time and was able to pass my test on the first go.

5 Stars


Sam Neda was recommended by a friend and glad I listened. Passed my first driving test today! Thanks to Sam Neda's help .The best instructor I have ever had! Very professional, calm and knowledgeable. Could not thank him enough. Would definitely recommend him.

5 Stars

Philomena Mack

Sam was a great teacher and was friendly and easy to deal with. He was very clear with instructions and what to do and not to do and got me my Pass with our first go!

5 Stars

Sajeeth Kumar

Ibrar is an excellent Driving Instructor as well as very experienced.Under his guidance one can easily learn driving and pass the driving Test.
I highly recommend people to follow his instructions when picking the Test Location.I have personally been complimented by the Testing officer for my driving during the Test..All thanks to Ibrar...

5 Stars

Maria Zarinana

Ibrar is an excellent driving instructor. He is very patient and calm and made driving simple and relaxing for me. I definitely recommend him for instructor lessons around Marrickvile area - he knows his routes very well! I passed first go!

5 Stars

Tawab Rahnamoun

Thanks Ibrar for helping my son.

5 Stars

Shashank Yadav

Ibrar is knowledgeable instructor and a wonderful person I learnt proper driving skills and the road rules from him he is a calm and composed instructor and doesn't rash on things thank you Ibrar for all the lessons and good times spent together I would highly recommend him anytime.

5 Stars

Susan Adam

Got my fully license today and I must say it all comes down to the wonderful instructor Sam from Ldriving Driving Academy . I highly recommend new students to go with Sam and you will not regret a single moment.. Always patient, genuine, calm, friendly and a lovely person who will teach you the best behaviors about driving. Finally, I must say thank you again Sam and god bless you


5 Stars

Mehran Neda

If i had another life, i would definitely join Ldriving again and again. No regrets! Even though i had experience driving with my previous instructor, he was very strict, demanding and untrustworthy which made me feel humiliated, unconfident and scared. Scared to the point that i was skeptical about driving ever again and whether or not public transport was my fate. I had a fear of driving and he made it worse.

However i decided to take the challenge and book a lesson with Sam. I'm very hesitant when i meet new people, however Sam made me feel like i knew him all along. His lessons made me secure and satisfied, simply because he makes the atmosphere very fun. Ask any questions and he will dedicate his time to help you, no matter how many questions you have. Very understanding and a wonderful instructor! I definitely recommend Ldriving and

5 Stars

Ryan Nazha

Ibrar has an amazing patience and an excellent ability to teach. He made me feel extremely comfortable while driving and highlighted all the points in exactly the manner that I wanted them to be highlighted. He made sure that I do not not feel nervous about the test nor feel tense while driving on the road. I found Ibrar to be very friendly and really think that without his lesson it would not have been possible for me to clear the test in the first go, even though I have driven for the past 9 years. Great instructor. Thanks Ibrar

5 Stars

Cate Elrick

Just wanted to send a note as a thank you regarding Sam as a driving instructor. Sam was an incredibly patient, relaxed and encouraging driving instructor. He gave me both the confidence and direction needed to pass my driving test on my first go. I was so pleased! I have already recommended him as an instruction to friends and will continue to do so. Thanks again.

5 Stars

Nicole Tatem

I took some lessons with Sam and have recently passed my driving test. Throughout our lessons he was kind, patient and really understands how to teach safe driving, ensuring I knew when I was going right and wrong. He instills confidence and is a natural teacher. Thanks so much Sam!

5 Stars

Obaid Noor

I just wanted to take some time out and write a few words about Sam as my instructor. I had my Driving test booked for today i.e 3rd March, 2015 and I only booked one class with Sam on the 2nd of March.

I had an extremely disappointing experience just a day before with another instructor from some other school and when I got into an argument with him, he refused to carry on with the driving lesson.

Sam has an amazing patience and an excellent ability to teach. He made me feel extremely comfortable while driving and highlighted all the points in exactly the manner that I wanted them to be highlighted. He made sure that I do not not feel nervous about the test nor feel tense while driving on the road. I found Sam to be very friendly and really think that without his lesson it would not have been possible for me to clear the test in the first go, even though I have driven for the past 10 years.

I would like to thank him and would recommend him to all my other friends who would like to get driving lessons.
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Double Bay is a suburbs located in Sydney NSW. Hi my name is Sam from L Driver Training Double Bay and if you're looking for a driving instructor in Double Bay area then look no further I have got more than 7years driving experience working around Double Bay and surrounding suburbs I also do safer driving courses in inner west suburbs e.g Darlinghurst, Potts Point Woolloomooloo, Surry Hills ,Paddington, Edgecliff  . I'm also accredited keys2drive instructor (free lesson)With over 7 years of teaching experience, Sam and his Double Bay Driving School and Driving Lessons in Double Bay is the best learning to drive solution for you if you’re looking for a Double Bay Driving Instructor you can rely on.Sam's Double Bay Driving School offers Driving Lessons in Double Bay , Forest lodge and Pyrmont  7 days with LIVE DIARY so there’s bound to be a time that will fit your schedule. With pre-planned flexible pick up and drop off locations, you can work driving lessons in and around work, school, shopping, etc. Let me know at the time you book so I can program this in. Whether you need manual in your own car or automatic lessons in Sam brand new Toyota Corolla 2019 Car, I can help you out.Don’t wait any longer to achieve your goal of becoming a CONFIDENT and SAFE Driver ? Contact Sam today and find out why he is the most Professional and Patient, Calm, and experienced. Double Bay Driving Instructor.To book your Driving Lessons in Double Bay , Double Bay Driving Instructor, or Double Bay Driving School contact Sam today via SMS or mobile on 0477 111 444!

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